This resource is intended primarily for education professionals and Masters-level students working in fields such as digital education, learning technology, digital futures, and e-learning. However, it may have relevance to educators and learners in a more broad sense, feel free to dip in and explore the areas that you think are most applicable to your field.


The background to this resource, and some of the commentary, is a position paper for the module Digital Futures for Learning at the University of Edinburgh. Reading this paper is not a required element of the resource but it may provide you with additional context.


This short, open resource will take approximately 3 hours to complete but this will depend on each individual. There are background resources to work through, activities for some hands on creativity and further reading if you would like to drill down a bit deeper. So a warning – becoming immersed will result in longer than 3 hours but may result in higher enjoyment.

Joining in

The resource is entirely for your personal learning and the level of engagement is entirely up to you. Comments have been enabled on the activity pages but this is an optional aspect.

The activities have been designed to ensure that learners do not have to sign up to any specific services or products. However, some may involve links with social media, but it is your decision whether or not to join these spaces. For anyone who prefers not to participate these spaces an open Padlet has been created to allow you to share your work anonymously.

Feedback is welcome via comments or you can find me on Twitter <@>clarethomsonqub

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